TODAY – By Gary Miller


Today is unique.  There is no other day more special than today.  Sure, we enjoy the precious memories of days gone by, and as we grow older, we may even become a bit nostalgic about our childhood memories.  But we have only today to do the deeds that will make memories tomorrow.

If we are visionaries, we may dream about tomorrow.  Or if we are the methodical, planning type, we may even now be carefully charting the course we have mapped for ourselves.  Still, we have only today to take actions to propel us toward those goals.

Yesterday cannot be changed.  It is etched in time.  Neither do we have any power to change what will happen tomorrow.  We can only act today.

Today, we can “worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” (Psalm 29:2).  Today we can speak a kind word or listen to a crying heart.  Today we can lend a helping hand or receive a word of admonition.  Today we can point a soul to Christ or warn a sinner of hell.  Today we can apologize for a wrong, speak to someone we’ve been ignoring, and build a bridge in a relationship.  We have today to think deeply about the meaning of life, to consider our way, to muse on the past, and to ponder the future.

Today is too valuable for sleeping late.  We must not waste the day in boredom or sullenness.  Open now the gates of beauty, and step through the postal into today.  Perhaps the Lore Jesus will return today, and we will join all other believers at a meeting in the air.  In any case, let today be a day that will prepare us for future days, and a day that will hold no regrets for us when we look back.

By Gary Miller 


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