The Sabbath – A Day of Rest!

Have you ever considered the creation story as following the pattern of a Modern Farmer tending his fields and livestock each day of the week until Sabbath?

As author of the Taste and See: Discovering God Among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers, this idea captured my spiritual imagination. Michael LeFebvre explores this idea in The Liturgy of Creation. He explains how the order of sun and moon and sky and firmament lay the foundation for the fruitfulness of those who tend the fields and care for livestock.

Yet the culmination is found on the seventh day–a day of rest.

This wasn’t the day when God breathed a sigh of relief for all the work he had done. Rather, the sabbath celebrates “the confident hope that undergirds human labor, knowing that he world is fully equipped to achieve God’s good ends.”

Through the invitation of rest from our labors, God ushers us into an alternative to the fast-paced, anxiety-ridden culture that demands we produce, produce, produce. The gift of Sabbath invites us to move from restlessness to restfulness. To break free from the work that grows tentacles into every area of our lives. To ground ourselves in the truth that all, all, all is the gift of a good and loving God. The one who hangs the stars, pours the rain, fashions the seasons. Yes, even regular seasons of rest.

As you enter Labor Day weekend, I hope you’ll celebrate, feast, and play. But I also hope you’ll take time to enter into God’s rest and enjoy God’s bounty in your life. A God who invites you to recognize his fruitfulness in your life by taking a step back, a long nap, and giving thanks.

You are not the sum of your labors. And resting from them will help ground you in that freedom.

Margaret Feinberg


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