The Original Dove Brothers Quartet Reunite!

The Original Dove Brothers Quartet Joins 65South Records

The Original Dove Brothers Quartet Reunite

Nashville, TN (October 14, 2019) – Following an outstanding response at the Memphis Quartet Show, The Original Dove Brothers are together once again and better than ever. The award-winning quartet will be appearing at select dates across the country and has joined the Main Street family as the newest artist on 65South Records.

The Original Dove Brothers Quartet is comprised of McCray Dove and his brother Eric Dove, along with tenor John Rulapaugh, bass vocalist Burman Porter, and pianist Richard Simmons.

Together, the five light up the stage with unforgettable renditions of songs like “Get Away Jordan,” “I Love To Call His Name,” and “Didn’t It Rain,” among others. The quartet is planning new music to be released in 2020, along with a reunion tour to be announced at a later date.

McCray Dove comments, “The Original Dove Brothers Quartet is so excited to be back together for this reunion tour in 2020. Though our schedule for the tour is limited, our desire to record and be creative still burns in our soul. To have a record company that understands what you are all about is so hard to find. After talking with Main Street Entertainment and seeing their vision for not only the Original Dove Brothers Quartet, but for Southern Gospel music as a whole, the feeling we felt was just right. So get ready sports fans, the Original Dove Brothers Quartet is on Main Street, heading 65South, coming to a city near you!”



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