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2 Blessed

2×2 Quartet



Aimee’ Garner

Alan Shamblin

Alisa Asbury

Allen Coleman

Among the Thirsty

Anchor Holds

Angela Daniel

Ann Downing

Annette Kesley

Appointed Quartet

Anthem Voices

Ashley Dunn


Babbs, The

Back Home

Bebo Norman

Becki DeBord

Benny Barry

Betty Barnes Sanders Bradford

Between the Lines Bluegrass Band

Big Daddy Weave

Bilderbacks, The

Bill Henderson

Bo Cox

Bobby Bowen Family Ministries

Bobos, The

Bondservants, The

Bonita Eileen

Booker T. Scruggs

Brandon Bagley

Bread Of Life Gospel Singers, The

Brenda Bradshaw

Brenda Weeks Sinard

Brian Free & Assurance

Brian Neal

Brian Smotherland

Browns, The

Buck “Elvis” Gouger

Butch Reeves

By the Way


Calvery’s Blend

Cantrell Trio, The

Carpenter’s CowboyChurch Band

Carters, The

Catheys, The

Cavaliers Quartet

Chattanooga Bach Choir (King of Instruments”)

Cheyenne Cody

Chris McDaniel

Chris Van Allman

Christy Dasher

Christy Dykes – Shorty

Christy Hollingsworth

Cochrans, The

Cokers, The

ConcordiaCollege Choir


Craig Kirk Tyndall

Crimson Ridge

Crossfire Worship Band

Crystal Elam

C.W. Philips


Dallas Brass

Dalton Roberts

Dan Sluder Trio, The

Dana Russell

Danny Pilkey & DeAnna Runion

Darlene Chapman

Daughters of Worship

Dave Bolling

Dave Pace

David Crittenden

Davis Trio, The

DeAnna Mowery Runion

Dean Yancey

Debby Faye East

Deborah Sansing

Debra Schultz

Deeper Faith

Denise Hopkins-Jaco

Destiny Flag Ministries

Diplomats, The

Dixie Sonshine

Don Poythress

Donnie Summer

Donnie Young & New Beginings

Dottie Snow Tubb

Dove Quartet, The

Doyle Dykes

Dwight Sanders


Edalene Ellis

Eight Days After

Elmer Bramlett

Emmaus Road Quartet


Eric Parker

Evidence Pure Gospel


Fisherman Quartet

Four by Grace

Francessca Battistelli

Fredonia Bluegrass


Gail Davis

Garrett Arb

Gary Wimmingham

Gems, The

George Byrd

George Garrison & Friends

Gift of Life

Glenn Duncan Family, The

Gold City Quartet

Gospel 3, The

Gospel Hoedowners, The

Good News Quartet, The

Gospel Truth Quartet

Greesons, The

Greg Finch


Halenna Phillips

Hailey Brooke Fowler

Haley Morgan

Harold Riggs and The Christianaires Trio

Harvest Gold Trio, The

Headed Home

Heart To Heart



Heaven Seekers

Heaven’s Blend


Herald Family, The

Heritage Quartet

Hickeys, The

High Praise


Hope For Tomorrow Trio

Howard Yarbrough

Hullenders, The


Inspiration By Faith

Inspirations, The

Instruments of Faith

Iris Johnson


Jamerson’s, The

James Ward & the Harmonizers

Janice B. Steelman

Jason Crabb

Jay Parrack

Jayc Harold

Jeff Hullender Family, The

Jerico Brass, The

Jerre Haskew

Jerry Allen Hall

Jessie & Cyndi Berry

Jessie Conner

Jim Ricketts

Jimbo Bennett

Jimmy Temples Family

Jody Norris

Joe Pearles

John Hamilton

John Richardson

John Richman

John Wayne Hamilton

Johnathan Wilburn

Johnnie Sue

Jonathans, The

Jordan Wilburn

Josh Neyman

Joyful Expressions

Judy Quinn

Just Us Bluegrass


Karen Peck & New River

Katelyn Honea

Kathryn Adams

Keith & Carolyn Bobo

Keith S. Reas


Kelsey Family, The

Ken & Janet

Ken Hicks & Testimony

Kenneth Gay

Kindred Spirits Vocal Band

Kingdom Heirs, The

Kingdom Seekers Quartet, The

Kitty Cleveland

Kristie Quinn

Kyle Brigmon



LakesideBluegrass Gospel

Lamar Randolph

Larissa Rogers Clark

Leon Couch

Lesley Blankenship

Libbie O’neill

Lighthouse Singers, The

Linda Cherry

Linda Spangler

Lisa Herald

Lisa Sisk

Living Right Trio

Liz Haley & Ken Sockman

Lorraine Whitley Henderson

Lumber River Quartet

Luther Griggs

Luthern Choral

Lynn Newman


Mallory Ledford

Mandy Dean

Marcellus Scott

Marty & Helen Hickey

Marvin Wilson Sr.

Mary Beene Singers

Mays Music Ministries

Masters Peace

Mays Family

McKameys, The

McRoys, The

Melanie Ingle-Myers

Melissa Vines

Mercy Singers

Message of Mercy

Michael Combs

Michael Dean

Michelle Pace

Michelle Quinn

Mike Hixson & the Gospel Jubilee Band

Moody Symphonic Concert Band

Mountain Grove Bluegrass Band

Museum, The


Nancy Westmoreland

Naomi & the Segos

New Beginning

New Covenant

New Creation

New Day Gospel Singers

New Paved Road

New Season

New World Son

Nikolasa Tejero

No Cross Stands Alone

No Greater Love Trio

Notchey Creek Bluegrass


Old Paths, The

Old Time Christians

One Goal Bluegrass Gospel

OSTT Praise Team


Page Trio, The

PalmettoState Quartet

Pam Weston

Park City Boys, The

Pat Cole

Pat Hookey

Patty Lyons

Paul Burney

Paul Family, The

Paul’s Journey

Pells, The

Perrys, The

Phil Hawley

Phil Osborne


Plillip Brisson

Princess Brooks


Randall Franks

Randolph Singers

Randy Kincannon

Red Burrows

Redeemed Quartet

Reliance Bluegrass

Renewed Trio

Restoration 7

Revalators, The

Revelation Trio

Reviving Dayvid

Rex Cordell

Rhett Ouzts

Rhonda Frye and Riverside

Rigney Family Bluegrass Band

Robert Jones (Illusionist)

Robert Matelski

Ron Brewer Ministries

Ron & Nancy Sample

Ronnie Hinson

Ryan Wynne Music




Sara Schone

Saundra Morgan

ScenicCity Quartet

ScenicLand Quartet, The

Set Free

Sharon Foskey & The Kelseys

Shelia Reed

Shepards, The

Shields of Faith

Sing for the King

Singing Duncan Family of Cleveland, The

Singing Echoes, The

Singing Gospel

Sister Bo Cox

Smith Sisters, The

Sonlife Quartet, The

Sounds of Grace

Southern Gospelaires

Spirit Filled

Spiritual Voices, The

Steve Fraim

Strait-Way Quartet

Sullivans, The

Summer Hullander

Susan Guerin

Swing Shift


T-Ran Gilbert

Tami Porter

Tammy Odom


Ted Rumley

Tennessee Voices of Praise


The Yarbroughs

Three Parts Grace

Tim & Kosha Ellison

Tim Chastian & Eight Days After

Tim Hinck

Tim Woodson & The Heirs of Harmony

Tim Veazey

Timothy Harshman

Too Blessed

Travlin’ Lite

Trevor Thomas Drama Ministries

Trey Forbes

Trinity Trio, The

Truly Blesses

Truth Seekers


Uncle Henry

Under Grace

Under Grace – The Helns Family


Vessels of Joys

Vicki Roberts

Voices of Praise

Voices Won


Walt Carroll

Watkins Family, The

Wayne & Brenda Sinard

Webb Sisters

Wesley Crider

Weston Hinson Group, The

William Edward Patrick

Willie Kitchens

Willow Creek Quartet

Wilsons, The

Witness 4 Him




  1. Shelia Little Reed as a five year old,had a burning desire to sing for the Lord,her greatest desire was to sing gospel music.She sung her first song in the Lafayette Church of God at five “I know Who Hold’s Tomorrow” that was abig song for a five uear old to remember. She has opened for the Singing Echoe’s, sung for Gatlinburg Gathering, SGM Fan Fare among so many churches over the years they are a lost memory as time goes on.Forever in the service of the Lord!

  2. Please include me in your list of Gospel singers please…..
    ………New Creation
    Thank you and GOD Bless you

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