A long boardwalk and over the dunes, suddenly the sea appears in all its glory.  Hidden until you are almost on top of it, it is always there waiting.  Our Creator is always there waiting, too, even though we may become tired and discouraged because the path is not always clear.  Learn more of God’s path for you at your house of worship this week.  He can lead you to a life of beauty and peace; He will help you find your way.

Won’t you visit God in His House this week?




COLLEGEDALE ACADEMY CHAPEL (Collegedale TN), 4855 College Dr. E, “Choosing Friends” by Andy Nash, 11:35am, 423-396-2134

COLLEGEDALE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH (Collegedale TN), 4829 College Drive East, “Generations: The Key”  by David K. Ferguson, 9, 10:15 and 11:35am, 423.396.2134.

COLLEGEDALE COMMUNITY CHURCH (Collegedale TN), 9305 Four Corners Place, “The Return of Evil” by Pastor Jerry Arnold, 9:00, 10:00 and 11:30am. 423 423.396.5464

EAST RIDGE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH (East Ridge TN), 2105 Dabney Dr., “Gospel Foundations”, by Pastor Steven Grabiner, 11am. 423.521.4133

SOUTH BAY SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH OF CHATTANOOGA (Chattanooga TN), (at GraceWorks Community Church) 6445 Lee Hwy., ” Rock Solid” by Ms Michelle Doucoumes, 11am, 423.322.2940



HARRISON BAY STATE PARK (Harrison TN), 8411 Harrison Bay Road, Women’s Ministry Intercessory Prayer Team, “Worshiping God in Nature – Praise, Prayer and Testimonies” 8-11am.  Contact Arlete Scalioni at 423-381-4836 or Cathie Templin at 423-876-8843 for more information.

MIDDLE VALLEY CHURCH OF GOD (Hixson TN), 1703 Thrasher Pike, “They Won’t Get Away With It” by Pastor Mitch McClure, 10:30am.  Pastor Mitch McClure will lead the congregation in a time of prayer and worship at 6:30pm. 423.843.1539.

RED BANK BAPTIST CHURCH (Red Bank), 4000 Dayton Blvd., Pastor Sam Greer, PhD, 10:45am, LIFE Groups at 9:30am.  423.877.4514.



SPECIAL EVENT: COLLEGEDALE COMMUNITY CHURCH (Collegedale TN), 9305 Four Corners Place, “Dinner With The Doctor” – Keeping Your Belly Happy, 6pm



MIDDLE VALLEY CHURCH OF GOD (Hixson TN), 1703 Thrasher Pike.  Presently Pastor Mitch McClure is leading an interactive Bible study on the Grief Recovery each Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Administrative Classroom.  The Bible Study will include discussion as to causes of grief and how to discover recovery.  A discussion guide will be presented to all participants. 423.843.1539

OAKWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH (Chattanooga TN), 4501 Bonny Oaks Drive, Hear Now Support class/group for hard of hearing and families. Learn how to deal with hearing loss. Develop coping skills to improve communication, 6:05pm.  423.892.6414



SPECIAL EVENT: COLLEGEDALE COMMUNITY CHURCH (Collegedale TN), 9305 Four Corners Place,  “Dinner With The Doctor” – Arthritis:  A Joint Effort!, 6pm

If your church is not listed, please have your pastor, or church secretary contact us at 423.802.9130 OR ChattanoogaAreaChurches@gmail.com



It’s easy to smile at a cheerful person, but how much greater the blessing to try to cheer up a discouraged or angry person. Joyfulness is contagious! Paul writes in his letter to the Romans (1:1-12), “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you, that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each others faith, both yours and mine.” Share your joy with others at your house of worship this week; God will smile on you!

(Today’s heading by Keister-Williams)


PLEASE – Help us to build this list. Have your pastor or church secretary send us the date, sermon title, start time, and a phone number.
God bless!
For a listing on our calendar, please send an e-mail to ChattanoogaAreaChurches@gmail.com or call us @ 423.802.9130




  1. Thank you for you informational webpage. My father was a historical “Chattanooga Revivalist”, I will long remember the fabulous people of area. Rev. R.C. Cook and Rev. Fred Gray( my dad) held a revival that lasted almost 2 years a full house every night. May God bless the people of Chattanooga and surrounding area and God Bless the USA

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