Recovery @ Ooltewah 1-year Celebration

Thursday, September 21 at 6:15 p.m.
Ooltewah United Methodist Church
6131 Relocation Way | Ooltewah, TN. 37363
(423) 238-9216 |

OUMC celebrates 1 year of helping families and individuals overcome life-controlling issues and addictions through our Recovery at Ooltewah ministry.

Pastor Mark Beebe- the primary communicator for the Recovery Network- will be sharing with us live at the celebration. Stories of healing and hope will also be shared as examples of the life-change that is possible through participation in the R@O program.

While Recovery ministry is new to us- it’s been years in the making as it began at Cokesbury UMC in Knoxville 14 years ago. Cokesbury’s recovery ministry was launched in April 2003 after a staff member saw an opportunity to put a fallen pastor to work. Gil Smith was living in a Sunday school room at Cokesbury, recovering from substance abuse after surrendering his ministerial credentials, when the Rev. Rebekah Fetzer suggested sending him for “Celebrate Recovery” training at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. The rest is history-

Since fall 2012, this recovery ministry has expanded beyond its home base, establishing a franchise-like network of worship-and-small-group programs from Lebanon, Va., to Ringgold, Ga. Currently the Recovery Network is in 10 brick and mortar churches outside of Cokesbury. There are also ministry partners in the Knoxville and Nashville Rescue Missions, as well as three TN prisons – Knox Co., Roane Co., and Morgan Co. If you were to include everyone who is joining us online as well as within our partner locations, the number of weekly participants would reasonably be anywhere from 800-1000 people.

Forty-eight percent of participants in the Recovery at Cokesbury Network struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, says the Rev. Mark Beebe, director of Recovery at Cokesbury. The others are overcoming divorce, unemployment, grief, pornography, gambling “and a wide spectrum of pain and life challenges.”

Rev. Beebe leads Recovery from an authentic place of personal pain and brokenness. Beebe had a marketing/sales background as well as success in starting a new church with a recovery program- so he knew how to grow organizations- but it was his personal experience dealing with his wife’s alcoholism, as well as his struggle with co-dependency that gives his messages a deep, personal resonance and reality.

The Recovery @ Ooltewah ministry incorporates Mark’s hope-filled messages with the power of Open Share groups to assist persons in the journey towards wholeness and freedom from life-controlling substances and behaviors.

Everyone has hurts, habits and hang-ups. Some of those issues are more destructive than others. We are all in need of love and understanding. The Recovery at Cokesbury Network (RACN) offers help with recovery from a wide variety of issues that can rob us of our joy and even our lives. The program is based on the proven principles of the 12-steps, relevant teaching that has practical application, a community of like-minded individuals who support one another, and God’s grace. We hear people say, “I’m so grateful. Recovery at Cokesbury saved my life.” It can, and will, make a difference in your life. You owe it to yourself and those you care about to join the Recovery at Cokesbury Network online or in person to check it out for yourself.

Recovery Is Possible!

It is possible to recover from all addictions and compulsive behaviors. It’s not easy, and most people can’t do it by themselves. Many people have recovered with the help of a good program and a true desire to change.

RACN Principles

  • We love Jesus and have seen Jesus work miracles here. You can be the next miracle.
  • This is a safe place to share, ask questions or just come and hang out.
  • Recovery at Cokesbury is for anyone dealing with chemical addiction, compulsive behavior, loss, relationship or life change.
  • Scripture is the foundation of our teaching.
  • The 12 Steps of AA are derived from Scripture and are our daily tools for recovery.
  • We encourage participation with AA, NA and Al-anon.

What are elements of a good program?

  • Working the 12 Steps
  • Attending AA, NA and Al-Anon meetings
  • Working with a sponsor
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Scripture reading
  • Keeping a journal
  • Rigorous honesty
  • Spending time with others in recovery
  • Avoiding the people, places and things of your past

Avoiding “triggers”


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