Her loss of faith is a familiar story. As writer Margaret Wheeler Johnson explains it, the personal integrity that religion instilled in her “made it impossible to maintain faith” in religion. A while back, Columbia University professor Mark Lilla made a similar disclosure; namely, the truth that led him to faith was the very thing that led him “out of faith.”  Read more…


What is the purpose of the rating system?
Movie ratings provide parents with advance information about the content of films to help them determine what movies are appropriate for their young children and at what age.  Ratings are assigned by a Board of parents who consider factors such as violence, sex, language, drug use and other adult activities and assign a rating they believe the majority of American parents would give a film.  Read more…


Multitudes are seeking happiness.  But for many it is elusive and temporary at best.  Is that because they are searching in the wrong places?  Real, lasting happiness cannot be found in earthly riches or in abundant possessions.  It is not found in prestige, popularity, or positions of power.  Worldly entertainments and sinful pleasures do not truly satisfy but result in emptiness, turmoil, and remorse.  Read more….

Seven Unbiblical Worldviews Too Many Christians Are Accepting

The Barna Group, in association with Summit Ministries, conducted a survey of practicing Christians to determine if Christians are influenced by false worldviews that oppose a biblical worldview. The results are shocking, and worrisome.  Read more….


For too long, the Howard School’s football field has been nearly unplayable.  “A dust bowl,” said coach John Starr. “We were playing football and dust was flying up.”  Not anymore.  Read more


You’re probably familiar with The Lord’s Prayer. It’s a passage of Scripture many believers (and even non-believers) know and recognize.  But there’s a key part I think many people don’t understand. Let’s go through the prayer together, beginning in Matthew 6:9 (KJV) …Read more

TODAY – By Gary Miller

Today is unique.  There is no other day more special than today.  Sure, we enjoy the precious memories of days gone by, and as we grow older, we may even become a bit nostalgic about our childhood memories.  But we have only today to do the deeds that will make memories tomorrow.

If we are visionaries….Read more


Let’s thank God for the wonderful rain!

God’s Power in Creation – By Lester Burkholder – click here


The 2016 election has revealed afresh a deep fissure—and a great opportunity.  By Mark Galli/ November 10, 2016


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Social Security Beneficiaries to See Paltry Increase in 2017

BAD IDEA:  City Council Considers Beer In Movie TheatersBeer sales are helping bolster movie concession sales elsewhere in the country, but opinions on the proposed expansion of such sales locally are mixed.






Q: I heard a sermon the other day about how we ought to be using our God-given abilities to help others, but I don’t think I have any particular talents. I’m just an ordinary church member, and besides that I’m getting older and my health isn’t very good. — Mrs. E.M.

A: Don’t think that you’re useless in God’s eyes — because you’re not. Even if you aren’t aware of it, God has given you at least one spiritual gift or ability — just as he has every other believer.

And God wants you to discover your gift and use it for his glory. No, yours may not be as public as someone else’s gift; not everyone (for example) is called to become a preacher or teacher (although some are). But that doesn’t mean your gift is any less important in God’s eyes — because it isn’t. Some people, for example, have a God-given gift for encouraging others, or being kind or merciful, or giving wise advice to those who need it. The Bible says we “do not all have the same function. … We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us” (Romans 12:4,6).

I can’t help but think, for example, of the men and women I’ve known over the years to whom God had given a special gift of prayer. We’re all called to pray, of course — but some people have been given a special anointing by God to pray. Many I’ve known were older or even disabled — but our ministry would have been impossible without them.

Ask God to show you what gift he’s given you. Then commit it (and your whole life) to Jesus Christ, and seek to use it to help others. The Bible says, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

CHURCH PROVIDES AID FOR FLOOD VICTIMS – The Associated Press – 8-22-16

WALKER, La. — Outside the small town of Walker, Louisiana, a rural Baptist church has become an oasis for flood victims.

As waters rose amid torrential rains earlier this month, National Guard rescue crews dropped people off at South Walker Baptist Church because it sits on a ridge of relatively high ground in Livingston Parish near Baton Rouge. Even as flooding has receded in recent days, the church — like many other places across hardhit south Louisiana — has continued providing sustenance for the body and soul.

It sheltered 96 people in the days after the storm, and Pastor Mark Carroll said the sanctuary is still a dormitory for more than 20 who lost their homes, including a man who had been living in his car until Saturday. It is also housing volunteers who have come to help people rebuild.

With a congregation of about 100 and with help from the community, the church is offering hot meals, running a pantry stocked by donations from around the U.S. and conducting prayer services.

“It’s been this entire community,” Carroll said by phone Sunday. “We couldn’t have done anything without everyone, and I mean just about everyone, pitching in.”

OBEDIENCE IN THE LIFE OF THE BELIEVER – Dr. Charles Stanley – 8-19-16

Obedience. It can be difficult and it can be unpopular, but it is undoubtedly the best way of life for believers. When we obey God, we demonstrate our love for Him and invite His blessings into our lives. Obedience is doing what God says, how He says it, and when He says to do it. Anything less is rebellion. Obedience or rebellion—with God there is no middle ground.


God has the power to turn evil into good – by Kevin Adams Kevin Adams 2 - senior pastor at Olivet Baptist

Wanted: A body was found buried in the Egyptian sand. The murderer has fled to Midian and is on the loose. He is armed with a rod and can be considered armed and dangerous.

Wanted: A gang leader of the group known as “Thirty Mighty Men” is wanted for multiple charges…Read more


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